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What Clients Say About Me

I started working with Lisa to improve my personal communication and pitch skills and I was so impressed by her expertise that I also recruited her for a project. She offered a great service and customer experience in both areas. She is knowledgeable, result oriented and able to address the core of the problem strategically and effectively. All of this is accompanied with a great personality and human skills.

Maria Gabriella Brodi
Staff Solutions Engineer at VMware

Lisa is an amazing voice coach. She helped me improve my delivery to become a stronger, much more engaging speaker, and communicator in general. The results I achieved with Lisa were obvious. She changed the way I think about communication and helped me recognize techniques that maximize my power as a speaker and communicator - skills that I employ on a day to day basis.

Alina Tioupikova
Vice President, Software Product Management at Techstars, Investor, Startup Advisor

Working with Lisa has been an amazing experience. What started as a pitch coach-coachee relationship turned into something much more significant for Atomian. She understood better than anyone the key messages we had to deliver at a company level, and found elegant ways to express them. She added value way out of our expectations.
Even more, all of this was achieved in a friendly, easy going and even caring atmosphere, as Lisa is this kind of professional profile that adds a solid human baseline to everything she does.

Miguel Montero de Quadras

CEO & founder at Atomian

Lisa is awesome! She is very professional, thoughtful and patient. Her coaching helped me improve my job talk and interview significantly, which is extremely important for me to land in a decent academic job during the recession. Highly recommend her!

Ye Zhang

Assistant professor in FinanceAssistant professor in Finance at Stockholm School of Economics

Lisa really understands how to help an international founder like myself, whose native language is not English yet it is necessary for me to persuade and communicate. She really hears all the things I wanted to correct in my voice, and in my clarity and designed every program to address exactly what I needed. She cares about results, and she was the only mentor who not only coached us, but she supported us at the events where we presented our products.
Thank you Lisa!

Florence Cheiron

Member Relations Associate at French-American Chamber of Commerce - New York

I have been working with Lisa during the last year. Lisa is an incredibly talented and committed coach. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in people by challenging and motivating them. Lisa gives honestly and constructive feedback during the session – and at the same time she makes me feel confident.
I really enjoy working together with here and I have learnt a lot from Lisa during the sessions. I can highly recommend here.

Hilde Amundsen

Founder Mindfit AS

Lisa is a great and driven professional. I appreciate her extremely social attitude, ability to build a strong bond with people, and her incredible capacity to innovate and adapt quickly to new demands. Lisa is an energetic coach with the ability to keep motivating others. Her deep experience in communication and attention to people let her develop a specific program that fits my needs leading to evolving my communication skills.

I have been working with Lisa over the past few months and I got to appreciate her experience, her professionalism but most of all, her passion for empowerment through effective communications. Her coaching style is tailored to fit the client’s needs and it is an invaluable asset to complement my academic background as it provides the right ammunition to tackle high-profile and multicultural business environments.

Apart from being a compassionate and friendly person, my communication sessions with Lisa have been a GAME CHANGER to my own personal and business development. She has helped myself (and my team) rise to a new level in regards to communicating. She helped me personally improve my public speaking abilities as well as my effectiveness when addressing my team Lisa also has been helping coach our management team  Lisa is a true professional and master of her art. Anyone that is lucky enough to receive coaching from her will surely learn or practice something new that can easily be applied after each session!

Levy Yakubov

Founder and CEO at FULFLLD

Lisa's coaching not only helped me find ways to stop over-talking and be more mindful of my speech, but she also opened my eyes to the many different ways to speak and how to tailor your tone to your audience. As a teacher, I am constantly communicating to my supervisors, assistants, students, and families. She's such a kind woman and so enjoyable to talk with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve in their speech!

Elizabeth Louie

Kindergarten Teacher at WHIN Music Community Charter School

I want to address a huge thanks to Lisa who is a great communication coach. My sessions with her improved my oral communication skills and my self-confidence. As a not native english speaker, i was really not at ease to speak in public. Thank to her, now i can deliver decent pitches in public and i can tell you that was not the case before.

Jean Phillipe Des Montils 

CTO, Co-Founder of and

I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa for the past year! I've seen a drastic difference in my confidence level by increasing my volume and power (while still being able to maintain overall warmth). She has also helped me get rid of my vocal fry, which was my main goal. She has made me very happy with my own voice and I am so happy to work with her.

Vim Dong

People & Talent Senior Manager at Glow Recipe

I first met Lisa with the expectation that I could improve my delivery after my cancer treatment left my voice somewhat altered. What I thought would be something akin to speech therapy turned out to be an immersion in dimensions of communication that I never realized existed. I still have a long way to go, and practice will never cease to demand my best, but understanding some of the building blocks of a clear, engaging and commanding speech was a wonderful beginning.

Roberto Martins

Head Global Wealth Solutions Itau International

First of all, I want to say: "Thank you, Lisa".
Meeting with Lisa was absolutely a game-changer for us. From the first moment I really felt like I found perfect communication coach, who can really help to build clean and clear story for our product.
Very important to mention, that all sessions with Lisa were organic and smooth, not pushing or breaking. You simply get new knowledge and adapt your communications step by step with no pain at all. She is very open and bright person and always ready to help. Thank you, Lisa :)

Pavel (Paul) Artemov

Chief Executive Officer at Art-i-Art Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa over the course of 2 months on voice and speech coaching for foreign executives. I have to provide a formal presentation, as well as my day to day information exchanges with my peers. Lisa is extremely responsive and up-to-date in the latest business and communication techniques and can help both native English speakers and those who - like me - use English as their main means of communication but is not their mother tongue.

Ignacio Isusi

Director of Sales - North America at Lucid Motors

Lisa is a wonderful and professional voice coach. She helped me with preparing for a phone interview and it was such a pleasant experience. She walked me through my self-intro and taught me how to make my voice sounds clearer and more confident. Also, she helped clarify how I should emphasize words in a natural way. I’m glad that I had her coaching me and she definitely helped me secure the intern position.

Jiaming Jing

Ph.D. Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Lisa was my presentation coach while I was in NYC Laireast labs. She helped me to develop my storyline, design the body language and tone to make my startup idea compelling in just 4 weeks.
As a friend, Lisa is very warm and kind as well. Working and chatting with her is a delight.

Chien Jung Chang

Chief Executive Officer at Rentii

Lisa has an amazing, energizing personality. She coaches with care and a personal approach to each individual, making the process fun and seamless. The small exercises helped to become more aware of different aspects of my voice, communication, and presentation style. Our sessions added more confidence and poise to my public speaking. I cannot thank you enough, Lisa!

Victoria Lintsova

Coach Relations Manager at CoachHub

Working with Lisa was one of the best investments in myself and my career. With very effective lessons, exercises and techniques, Lisa manages to guide us not only through improving our accents but also our communication skills. I have used many of her exercises before participating on panels, presentations, work meetings, interviews and virtually anywhere that I need to sound sharp.

Miguel Diaz
Director at Banco Santander Brasil Debt Capital Markets

I have had the privilege of being coached by Lisa.
Lisa is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable in different communication skills and techniques.
Together we developed my story for investor pitches and presentations to perfection. This was a major undertaking for me and required a great deal of attention from her. Yet, Lisa thoroughly walked me through the entire process through one on one practice sessions and still extends an open invitation for further assistance.

Benjamin Aseidu

Co-founder at Traderex Ltd International

We asked Lisa to coach CEOs of startups in the NEXT acceleration program of Business France. The progress between the before and after of their pitch is amazing. I highly recommend her!

Cecile Jupin

Investment Projects Manager at Choose Paris Region

Lisa is an amazing, enthusiastic and knowledgable communication coach. She has made a profound impact on my communication, pitching and public speaking skills in less than two months. Most importantly she is fully invested into her clients and does whatever she can to help you succeed. I high recommend her and I am so grateful for the impact she has made on my confidence as public speaker and a founder.

Tara Robinson

Head of Product & Founder at TracksRacks

When I came to the first lesson with Lisa, I could not say a few words without hesitation. I came up with various reasons for myself, so as not to engage in the practice of public speaking. First of all, I didn’t like speaking. It was a wonderful time. Every class my level increased. I became much more confident in speaking in my own language and improved my presentation skills in English. Lisa also helped me correct the pronunciation of sounds that I pronounced incorrectly. Lisa is a fantastic coach, she is polite and delicate. She always makes you feel your progress so that you have the motivation to grow further.

Yulia Lakatkova

CEO at Open Business Analytics

Lisa was my communications coach while I was a part of Starta Ventures accelerator program, and helped me improve immensely across the board. I've had previous training from The Wharton School but comparing my pitch & meetings then to today is almost like two different persons. Working with her has been invaluable!
She had a 6th sense for recognizing the exact fixes I could make to make an immediate impact while also tying in bigger picture effects my culture has had on my speech. I highly recommend working with Lisa if you want your words to pack a bigger punch!

Eric Sheng

Co-Founder at Aquaria

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