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Programs can be concentrated in one area, or blended to meet goals. Materials, video feedback and unlimited email feedback are included. Clients can meet virtually from anywhere in the world or onsite when possible.


Connect Your Voice To Your Story™

Your voice must align with your words and emotions. This program  is for anyone who wants enhance their voice and learn a more flexible delivery style. 

  • Vocal projection

  • Monotone style

  • Resonance

  • Vocal fatigue

  • Vocal Tone and Intent

Articulate with Clarity/Accent Reduction

These techniques are for those interesest in learning powerful tools for greater control over your speaking style. 

  • Focus on the sounds of North American English that impact clarity

  • Use of intonation, rhythm and melody

  • Auditory Discrimination

  • Cultural Communication

Interview with Impact

From students to executives interviewing is necessary throughout our careers. In this program we focus on delivering with confidence and building trust through communication. 

  • Video interviewing

  • Communicating your value

  • Align your vocal delivery with your message (Connect Your Voice With Your Story) 

  • Handling difficult questions, thinking on your feet

Memorable Storytelling

How we craft our story, the words we choose, and the flow of ideas must support our goals. Here you will learn to do this through an intensive and focused process. 

  • Prepare for any engagement through this in depth process

  • Brainstorm ideas to build your story

  • Using Concise Flow of Ideas

  • Develop your personal and client stories


Speech and Voice Therapy

NYS Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Voice 

  • Fluency

  • Articulation

  • Social Communication 

  • Speech and Language Evaluations


Whether you are in your early stages or scaling up, if you are presenting and pitching  in a new culture or language, you will get the feedback you need to connect.

The Pitch Review

This program is meant for busy international founders who need specific feedback but don't have time to commit to a full program. You will prepare  to deliver complex information, data, scientific studies, answering Q&A, active listening and Intercultural Communication. 

Program Details

  • 2 hour hands on session 

  • Actionable feedback and techniques built in to each session

  • Video feedback is used  to understand changes and gain self awareness


Precise Communication for International Founders

Accelerate your communication skills to the next level. The stakes are high for all founders, and for international founders they are even higher, so it is necessary to learn the communication skills that will help scale your company.

Founders will focus on topics such as:


  • Crafting your pitch

  • Vocal Presence: Connecting Your Voice To Your Story

  • Presenting technical ideas to non-technical audiences

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Storytelling

  • Founder’s story

  • Pitching to an investor

  • Answering challenging questions 

  • Communicating value and differentiation


At C3Speech we work with your team or company to tailor workshops for corporations, chambers of commerce, accelerators and healthcare facilities. They are delivered as 90 minute, half day or full day workshops.


Vocal Presence: Connecting Your Voice To Your Story™

Even when you have amazing content, if you can't connect to it with your voice, using the right emotion or energy, you might lose your chance to make an impact. Whether you are part of the sales team, leadership, or a medical professional, you will have clear techniques you can apply right away in your everyday communication.


Learn science based exercises and practice delivery

  • Vocal exercises

  • Monotone presence

  • Affects of stress on voice

  • Using tone and intonation to create meaning and perception

  • Intercultural Communication; how culture affects vocal use


What The Voice Really Says - The Unconscious Bias of Voice

Clients often want to develop the voice of leadership, but instead of developing the best versions of their own voice or communication style, they have one idea of how a leader must sound which might not align with who they are. The goal is to change our thinking about the "voice of leadership" in our diverse world. 

  • Unconscious biases of voice and accent 

  • Strategies to train the listener

  • Explore ideas about the voice of leadership and women's voice, aging voices, and diverse voices 

  • Exercises to enhance your own voice and style


Accent Reduction Groups

Accent Reduction Workshops are focused on raising awareness of speech patterns and cultural communication. Groups are organized based on professional or industry goals. These trainings can be tailored for any group that has an interest in learning together. 

  • Using compelling intonation

  • Practicing specific sounds 

  • Facial expression, body language and cultural communication

  • Practice presenting and engaging with group


Voice in the Virtual World

Communicating on video calls or in a hybrid world is now a part of our everyday lives. How we use our voice and speaking style becomes even more important when engaging.

  • Voice on video calls

  • Communication habits that can detract from the message

  • Using communication strategies that maximize learning 

  • Create excitement and keep content interesting

These services can be included in any individual or group coaching program or workshop:

Global DISC ™

SOUND BITES BACK for Busy Professionals

 Some clients need quick feedback on a presentation or pitch. They need specific tips as they practice but are not looking for a full communication program. 


  • 2-3 minute clips are recorded by the client and shared with C3Speech 

  • Feedback via email with specific tips to improve upon is quickly provided

  • This can be used as a complement to a program or as a stand alone service

It is an additional value that sets the baseline for understanding your own communication style, raises awareness to the communication styles of others, how culture impacts those preferences and your global mindset. This is an invaluable tool as you work on global teams, develop your sales pipeline or go through the challenges of hiring. Each participant  or team receives a detailed report and coaching based on results.Global DISC™ assessment is a 21st century disc assessment tool that shows you how different disc personality types and cultural backgrounds influence all three layers of identity: WHAT, HOW, and WHY we think, feel, and act the way we do.

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