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Programs can be concentrated in one area, or blended to meet goals. Materials, video feedback and unlimited email feedback are included. 


Connect Your Voice To Your Story™

Your voice must align with your words and emotions. Learn how your voice is your most powerful tool in communication. 

  • Learn vocal projection so no one struggles to hear you

  • Pacing and pausing

  • Transform a monotone style to engagement

  • Add emotion to words and your story

  • Use voice to create excitement or urgency

  • Address other voice issues impacting your message

Articulate with Clarity/Accent Reduction

These techniques are for those interested in learning powerful tools for greater control over your speaking style. 

  • Build consistency  of how you use sounds, instead of guessing how sounds are made by learning exact oral movements and building muscle memory. 

  • Understand how the right intonation can change a message

  • Practice putting these new patterns to work in your daily communication

  • Learn how cultural communication also affects how and why you say things a certain way and build flexibility into your speech. 

Interview, Questions and Impact

Respond with confidence, build trust and credibility in this tailored program. This is a skill for both interviewing and thinking on your feet. 

  • Video interviewing

  • Communicating your value

  • Develop your executive presence by aligning your vocal with your message (Connect Your Voice With Your Story)  

  • Strategize and map out questions that could be challenging. 

Memorable Storytelling

Crafting a personal story, a story for your pitch or one that illustrates your experience is an important in being memorable.  

  • Brainstorm ideas to build your story

  • Create stories that identify a problem in your pitch 

  • Develop your personal and client stories, analogies and use cases

  • Craft stories that trigger emotions in your target audience 


Speech and Voice Therapy

NYS Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Voice 

  • Fluency

  • Articulation

  • Social Communication 

  • Speech and Language Evaluations


Whether you are in your early stages or scaling up, if you are presenting and pitching  in a new culture or language, you will get the feedback you need to connect.

The Pitch Review

Are you an international founder who needs specific feedback on communication, but don't have time to commit to a coaching program? Or maybe you are a seasoned presenter and need some feedback on a few key points. This is for you!

Program Details

  • Intensive 2 hour hands on session 

  • Actionable feedback and techniques 

  • Video feedback is used  to increase self awareness

Possible Topics (depend on your goals) 

Startup/scale-up pitch, delivery and voice. Handling Q&A, using concise bites of information, communicating data and complex ideas. 


Precise Communication for International Founders

The stakes are high for all founders, and for international founders they are even higher. It is necessary to learn the communication skills that will help scale your company. This program is typically 5-10 weeks. 

Founders will focus on topics such as:

  • Craft Pitches

  • Vocal delivery, adding emotions and tone, and clear speech. 

  • Cultural communication flexibility

  • Storytelling

  • Map out possible Q&A

  • Clearly communicate value


Pitching your Startup or ScaleUp

The best way to practice pitching is to pitch in front of an audience. Many chambers of commerce and trade commissions as well as corporations have delegations visiting the US or groups going to conferences yet they are not practicing their pitch. This can be a one time practice, or a program one time per week up to four weeks. 

  • Short workshops on relevant topics 

  • After each workshop startups/scale-ups present

  • Get founder and mentor feedback

  • Incorporate and pitch including feedback. 


At C3Speech we work with your team or company to deliver workshops that are tailored to the experience of the group.

Timing: 90 minute, half day or full day workshops.


Vocal Presence: Connecting Your Voice To Your Story™

Even when you have amazing content, if you can't connect to it with your voice, using the right emotion or energy, you might lose your chance to make an impact.


Learn to use your voice as a tool. Practice as a  group using your presentations and pitches

  • Changing a monotone presence

  • How stress affects voice

  • Breath and vocal power

  • Vocal Fry

  • The power of intonation to create emotion

  • How culture affects voice


What The Voice Really Says - The Unconscious Bias of Voice

Even in our diverse world, we often think leaders should sound a certain way when they present. However it does not take into account the diversity of cultures, beliefs about communication or personal styles. 

  • What is unconscious biases of voice and accent? 

  • Learn strategies train your global team to adapt to different speaking styles 

  • Explore ideas about the voice of leadership and women's voice, aging voices and diverse voices. 

  • Assess the inclusiveness of the language your team uses to communicate

  • Exercises to enhance your own voice and style


Accent Reduction Groups

Accent Reduction Groups are focused on raising awareness of speech patterns and cultural communication. These trainings can be tailored for any group that has an interest in learning together. 

  • Using compelling intonation

  • Learn to make specific oral movements of sounds of North American English

  • Facial expression, body language and cultural communication

  • Present to the group

  • Mentor and group feedback 


Presenting on Video; No it's not the same as live! 

A common misconception among speakers is that you can present the same way on line as you do in person. This is often not true. Our communication habits might not translate to a strong vocal presence on-line. This is your chance to practice these skills with your colleague or a small group. (This program is online only) 

  • Voice on video calls

  • Communication habits that can detract from the message

  • Speaking too much and for too long

  • Create excitement and keep content interesting

These services can be included in any individual or group coaching program or workshop:

Global DISC ™

SOUND BITES BACK for Busy Professionals

If you want specific tips as you practice in a short turn around time, but are not looking for a full communication program this is for you! 

  • Send your 2-3 minute recorded audio-clips via email

  • Get feedback with specific tips to improve your delivery and flow of ideas

  • This can be used as a complement to a program or as a stand alone service

  • Please inquire for more specifics

In order to understand other's communication styles you must understand your own first! 


Each individual or global team will take a short assessment, receive a detailed report, get coaching and access to the Global Disc Platform.


Global teams strengthen interactions and understanding. 


Global DISC™ assessment is a 21st century disc assessment tool that shows you how different disc personality types and cultural backgrounds influence all three layers of identity: WHAT, HOW, and WHY we think, feel, and act the way we do.

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