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Communication Packages



3 month, 6 month and intensive packages are available! You can combine topics or focus on one specific area. 


All packages include 1-1 direct coaching, edits, review of practice clips and check ins for three months post package completion. 


Connect Your Voice To Your Story™

This program is C3S most popular and will bring you through the full journey of preparation for presentations, and interviews. You will work on cultural impact of voice, structuring ideas, flow of ideas and learning vocal and speech clarity exercises for a clear connection between content, brand and voice. 

Vocal Presence: Your voice is part of your personal brand 

Your voice is a powerful tool that is too often overlooked as you communicate, yet it directly impacts how you are perceived​. Whether you need to work on pitch variation, projecting your voice in a safe way, using a resonant voice, breath and vocal power, vocal fry/tired sounding voice, vocal fatigue and more. 

Clarity/Accent Reduction: One size does not fit all

Would you like more control over how you say things during high stakes meetings or social communication? Learn the exact movement to make and develop muscle memory for the sounds of North American English and gain a deeper understanding of your own patterns.

You will additionally learn to "tune in" to intonation, and sounds so you can understand the impact of your delivery.

Confident Communication for Women

Female clients have specific concerns regarding communication style and their impact. You will learn vocal exercises that help you deliver with confidence, and recognize habits that diminish your credibility. We also focus on a mindset shift when communicating that works with vocal delivery to create distinct points in a way you feel good expressing!


Speech and Voice Therapy

NYS Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist working in areas of voice, articulation, phonology, evaluations and teacher/school administration  and family trainings. 


The Pitch Intensive

This intensive is for founders, delegations, accelerators cohorts to get actionable feedback on their pitch or startup/scale-up  communication. During this two hour pitch review you will apply changes then practice those changes, self- assess video and audio and practice more!  You will walk away more ready to pitch your company and ideas to stakeholders, investors and clients.

Feedback can include: pitching to US audiences, flow of ideas, concise thoughts, vocal delivery, emotional components, and story telling. You will also practice responding in the moment during unrehearsed Q&A. Feedback will be given on the deck and visuals as it relates to your story flow. 

Technically speaking intensive

Are you an engineer, scientist, health or biotech founder who needs to deliver complex information to non technical audiences? This two hour intensive is for you. 

Transform your technical pitch or presentation so your non technical colleagues and audiences can understand and follow your ideas.


In both intensives, will learn to build flexibility into how you communicate and increase your self awareness. You will learn to align your voice with your content. 


C3Speech delivers workshops that are fun, relevant and interactive 

Two Hour, or half day workshops.

What The Voice Really Says - The Unconscious Bias of Voice

Even in our diverse world, we often think leaders should sound a certain way. This is a perfect workshop for your team to answer the questions of what are the unconscious bias of voice and accent? Explore the perception of "the voice of leadership" and what that means for diverse teams, for women, and for aging voices. Begin to think about the language your global teams use during meetings and whether it is inclusive for all members? Finally learn exercises to enhance your own voice and speaking style. 

Group Presentation Practice/Pitch Practice 

The best way to understand how you are perceived and to work on speaking anxiety is to present to a group in a safe space where you are encouraged to test your style. Highly interactive session to practice your presentation and understand how you are perceived across different cultures and audiences. You will learn step by step exercises to distill your ideas, communicate your value ,and hit your key points.  


Communication on Global Teams : Global DISC™ Assessment

Take the assessment and receive a full report to improve your understanding of how your behavioral preferences and culture affect your communication. Strengthen interactions and understanding on your global team. Raise awareness to cognitive diversity vs cultural diversity and use of inclusive language. 

SOUND BITES BACK included in every package and consultation

Using the platform to record and track feedback elements of your communication such as; delivery, clarity, audience perception, easy to follow flow of ideas and story craft as you practice for presentations.

  • Send your 3-5 minute recorded audio-clips via my SpeakPipe page.

  • Get written feedback with specific tips for improvement.

  • Continue to practice post package. 

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