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Lisa Patti, Communication and voice coach, international executives and startups

Meet Lisa Patti

Lisa M. Patti M.S., CCC-SLP is the founder of C3Speech. She has been working with international professionals, students and entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. Her love of learning and meeting people from around the world drives her work. Lisa developed the The C3 Approach which recognizes that there is a synergy between communicating clear messages, the clarity of speech and voice, and the impact of culture on communication. Lisa empowers professionals from around the world with the tools they need to have the control and flexibility that is necessary for great communicators in a global world. 

Her clients range from international accelerator programs such as Starta VC and Techstars, to individuals from PWC, Columbia University, and Gunderson Dettmer.  Lisa is a NYS licensed and ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist. She holds certificates in “Developing Intercultural Training Skills” from LTS Training, Bath, England, “International Certificate in Emotional Skills and Competencies” and “Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility”, EIA Group, Manchester, England.


Global Partners

Jade Ruscev

 International Startup lawyer, France and NYC
Jade has a deep international background. She has lived in multiple countries. As a lawyer she is well recognized and has passed the bar in both  New York and Paris after graduating from Cornell Law School and the Sorbonne.
Jade created STAMINA LAW with the goal of ​​offering entrepreneurs in France and in the United States an international law  firm that truly understands the complexities and laws across borders, all with a startup mindset. Her firm, like herself, is ready for the unexpected, is innovative and creates tailor-made solutions for each project.
Jade R Stamina Law.png
Andrea C.png

Andrea Campisano

Italian Language Coach and Founder Talk@Work, Italy
Andrea is the founder of Talk at Work. A company provide language and cultural trainings across Europe. The Talk At Work coaches are from multiple language backgrounds, training executives, professionals and students. Andrea  focused on developing interesting and interactive ways to teach  languages and culture together so students can engage long after lessons are over. 

Andrea has deep understanding of adult learning strategies which he uses to design programs  and engage his students and clients. He is currently  professor of Italian language and culture at Universita Cattolica, Milan. He is also a consultant at several multinational companies preparing international expats to communicate and specializes in Italian culture.

Sophie Yaeger

Voice, singing and public
speaking coaching, UK
Sophie has a specialist approach to guide her clients to utilize their voice to its maximum potential while maintaining optimal vocal health.

To accomplish this Sophie uses a combination of science based techniques, traditional voice methods, and bodywork techniques plus encouraging a healthy mental outlook for peak vocal use.

The voice is extremely complex and personal which involves one's whole self and body, not just the vocal folds.
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