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C3Speech has helped countless founders, executives and diverse professionals with voice, accent reduction, pitching, presentation skills, networking and connecting. 

C3Speech gives you the tools you need to develop your communication style


C3Speech was founded in 2016 to work with international and technical founders, executives, and professionals to help them articulate their value, connect with others, socialize and enjoy communication. 


I became a communication mentor after years of experience as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  I studied the anatomy of speech, neuroanatomy and how we effectively express and understand, and remember language. My love for cultures was inspired by my Italian grandparents and by growing up in the diverse landscape of New York City. I pulled from these experiences when I launched C3Speech. 

Now after years of working with founders and business professionals I got to see first hand who was getting noticed and why. Communicating concisely, with emotion, adding story, speaking with clarity and using a voice that aligned with leadership, empathy and trust got the best feedback. 

I'm proud to say that C3Speech has helped hundreds of international speakers transform their voice, clarity of speech and voice, accent reduction, craft pitches and presentations, interview and  define their value. I hope to have a chance to meet you, work with you and help you use communication as a tool for what you want to achieve! 

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Communication is about connection. Social connection, connection to colleagues in our offices or virtually. We need to create content that can be understood by stakeholders outside our vertical. Learn techniques to create messages that are specific and concise. Become a flexible communicator! 



Global professionals often worry about how they sound as much as what they say. Clarity is key whether you are working on accent reduction, confident voice or tone. Elements like volume and pitch variation need to connect to the content you've created. See which programs work best for you!  

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Culture impacts personal style, and beliefs about communication. Culture should also be part of your global strategy which includes conveying inclusive messages and tailoring your language. Learn here to assess if your communication content, presentation style and decks align with your global audience's needs! 



Skills from different packages are often combined to form a holistic approach to communication highlighting your personal style. 

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I started working with Lisa to improve my personal communication and pitch skills and I was so impressed by her expertise that I also recruited her for a project I’m doing that deals with speech recognition. She offered a great service and customer experience in both areas. She is knowledgeable, result oriented and able to address the core of the problem strategically and effectively. All of this is accompanied with a great personality and human skills.

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