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International professionals and founders improve communication skills with flexibility and influence

C3Speech gives you the tools you need to develop your personal style


C3Speech was founded in 2016 and the focus has always been improving communication skills for international and technical founders, and professionals. My love for cultures was inspired by my Italian grandparents and by growing up in New York City. I wanted to help people from around the world improve upon the most powerful tool we have, communication. 

After years of working with founders and business professionals it was clear who was getting noticed and why. Whether we are working on feeling confident during board meetings, interviewing for an important job, presenting to a team or pitching to investors, I wanted my clients to feel that same control over how they sound and a true understanding of how they are perceived. 

C3Speech offers 1-1 coaching, workshops, online and offline sessions. I am here to figure out the tools you need to improve and then we work together on making that happen

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Often we lose site of our message with buzz words and  many details. Understanding how to use concise communication, and conveying technical information. Imagine communicating with more awareness and ease. 



Global professionals often worry about how they sound as much as what they say. Clarity is key whether you are working on accent reduction, confident voice or just the right tone. See which programs work best for you!  

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Culture impacts personal style, preferences and beliefs about communication. Culture is also part of your global strategy which includes conveying inclusive messages. C3S integrates the impact of culture into every program. 



Skills from different programs are often combined to form a holistic approach to communication delivery. All programs and workshops can be tailored to your timeline and budget.

Individual Programs

Startup Programs



I first met Lisa with the expectation that I could improve my delivery after my cancer treatment left my voice somewhat altered. What I thought would be something akin to speech therapy turned out to be an immersion in dimensions of communication that I never realized existed. I still have a long way to go, and practice will never cease to demand my best, but understanding some of the building blocks of a clear, engaging and commanding speech was a wonderful beginning.

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